Walkera Runner 250



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Runner 250 (R) isn't your usual drone. This interesting model can make you believe you're participating in the real air racing. This quadrocopter can reach the top speed of 35-40km/h. Thanks to the efficient engine the drone can stay in the air for as long as 14 minutes. The wireless transmission makes the Runner signal stable and enables the drone gpsto fly long distances while being controlled remotely. The DEVO 7 transmitter uses 2,4GHz technology thanks to which the drone can fly the distances of even 1km. The GPS mode makes the racing with this unmanned aircraft even easier. It is also an equipment for doing flashy air stunts. The LED lighting enables a full flight control even in difficult conditions.

A built-in HD camera means a high quality view and recording in real time. The great view is ensured even on cloudy days and with poor lighting. The goggles ensure FPV (First-Person View) transmission. Thanks to all that you can feel as if you were participating in a real race.

Walkera's Runner 250 (R) stands out due to its tasteful looks. It is placed on the black, light, but durable carbon frame which has stylish red touches. The whole construction weighs 446g. Thanks to its modular build the drone can be easily equipped with some useful features or fixed when needed.This ready-to-fly drone as the name suggests is ready to fly immediately after being taken out of the packaging.

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Walkera Runner 250

Walkera Runner 250

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